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The Coop FIS Cross-Country World Cup is back in Oberhof!
19. - 21. Januar 2024



Children & World Cup-Athletes in one place

The Coop FIS Cross-Country World Cup 2024 will take place in Oberhof from 19 to 21 January 2024, with the start of the "DSV Schülercup" as the FIS Coop Mini World Cup forming part of the supporting program.

The currently approx. 220 pre-registered starters in the U14/U15 age groups can expect a special season opener to their national school cup series, embedded in a real World Cup flair.

On Saturday, immediately after the award ceremony of the World Cup race on site, there will be a individual race in the classic technique for the „Schülercup“ starters.

On Sunday, the participants will start before the World Cup starters with a technical sprint in the free technique.

The „Schülercup“ starters will therefore compete right in front of the pros and the hopefully numerous spectators and will have a direct view of the competition.

The highlight will be the official award ceremony for the Pupils' Cup starters on Saturday evening at 19:00 on the town square in Oberhof. This will take place immediately after the presentation of the World Cup winners from Friday and Saturday.

The young athletes will be accommodated together in 3 hotels in Oberhof by the organizer, for the parents there are special contingents for tickets.

Dates of the DSV


Start lists

start list "Deutscher Schülercup" 20.01.2024

start list "Deutscher Schülercup" 21.01.2024


result "Deutscher Schülercup" 20.01.2024